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... Health :

It's the state of normal physical and mental functioning of the human organism.

For better health:

1. Having a good health involves having good dietary practice, all meals should be well distributed throughout the day, every three hours preferably. Be sure to include vegetables and fish on your menu, as well as grains and lean meats. See tips and advices on nutrition and diet column of our Food and Diet page.

2. The fluid intake over the day, preferably water, promotes the activity of body cells, and the proper functioning of the intestine. Do not wait for thirst!

3. Physical activities are essential to promote our physical foma, increase longevity and decrease stress. Run away from inactivity.

4. Medicines ... only with professional supervision. Do not take medication in excess or be sure to take what was prescribed by your doctor.

5. Sleep well! Did you know that sleep poorly or little, disrupts metabolism, favoring various diseases such as obesity and depression?

6. Have a hobby or do activities that you enjoy, leaving the routine.

7. Look for information and help to stop consuming substances that may cause addiction.

8. Go to the doctor regularly. Do yourself a Check-up!

9. And because being healthy is having mental health, some tips:

# 9.1 Favour moments of conviviality with family and friends, is the best medicine for mental health.

Look # 9.2 Promote self-esteem, set aside evil thoughts and focus on what makes you smile. Pay attention to the essential,to positive people.

# 9.3 Do not create unrealistic expectations, look for people with the capacity to give you advices.

# 9.4 Move away from destructive behaviors or feelings

# 9.5 treat yourself well treat well who is important, who's there when you need.

# 9.6 Ask for professional help if you need.


... Medicine :

Derived from Latin means the art of healing, it's a science practiced by doctors, aims diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases, promoting health.

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