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How to search for job:

Searching for a job does not depend on chance, depends largely on a set of strategies, motivation, persistence and organization that can multiply the opportunities to get a job. Adopt a positive and dynamic attitude. It should known yourself well, the labor market and the prospect for technical jobs.

Organize your needs: Take into account your priorities, where you want to work, what kind of job you want, the distance you are willing to make daily, think about the satisfaction you may have in the future, either monetarily or professionally.

Be pro-active: If you do not move, your new job will not come to you. You have to be proactive, use the internet to your advantage, the web is a world of opportunities to be explored. Mobilize your network of relationships. Family and friends may give you precious help that we were not expecting. Browse ads published in newspapers, job centers, temporary employment agencies or other commercial spaces for this purpose.

Curriculum Vitae: A good curriculum can or can not ensure you an interview. Build an attractive curriculum , not forgetting three fundamental rules, content, presentation and organization. It's important to give emphasis to your skills, strengths, activities that can reflect your personality. A well-written curriculum without errors can make all the difference. You should take into account the job you are searching for, pay attentionto the most appreciated values by companies and what key skills associated with the job you are serching.

Items of a curriculum:

ID: Your personal data.

Professional goal: specifically indicate the functions you want to have.

Academic and professional experience : List the qualifications you have, whether school or professional. If you have, mention your professional portfolio. You can also indcate other school or extracurricular activities if they are related to the job you are searching, such as seminars or participation in any projects.

Professional experience: Briefly describe your work experiences, internships and previous roles, companies where he worked, length of time in each activity and if you want, contractual relationship.

Extraprofissionais activities: All activities that might reveal its features such as initiative, leadership, planning, organization, self-confidence or motivation. Examples: Volunteering, sporting activities, activities in leisure time. If your working experience is not relevant, the description of this item becomes mare important.

Other knowledges: This item should be, if you have those skills, your knowledges in computer science, languages, driving license or others.

References: If requested, the references are your former employers, managers, teachers and others ...

Example of a Europass Curriculum: https://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/pt/documents/curriculum-vitae

The Internet: It's the best place to research your potential employers. With a simple search engine or through the websites available on this page you may be aware of all job opportunities. Post your curriculum in job search sites or personally.

Skills: You should be prepared to respond to the companies recruitment processes like a psychometric evaluation, testing your skills, ability and personality. Knowing what awaits us, the possibilities of success are greater. Good luck!

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