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Best Sites of: News
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New York Times (USA) Daily mail (UK) Le Figaro (France)  
Time (USA) The Telegraph (UK) Le Monde (France)
Usa Today (USA) The Guardian (UK) Focus (Germany)
The Real News (USA/CAN) The Sun (UK) La Stampa (Italy)
  Independent (UK) El Pais (Spain)
  El Mundo (Spain)
europe-flag   ABC (Australia)
  NDTV (India)
Newsweek (Europe)   The Hindu (India)
    Vanguard (Nigeria)
    Daily News Egypt (Egypt)
Others:   Portal de Angola (Angola)
  O Globo (Brasil)
Vocativ   AgĂȘncia Lusa (Portugal)
    Jornal de NotĂ­cias (Mozambique)

... News and Newspapers:

To inform, disclose, communicate ... News are characterized by being informative texts of public interest, narrating recent events, public interest, which occurred in a community, nation or in the world, spread by the media and whose content consists of a political issue, economic, social, cultural, etc. The main questions that must be answered to structure a news are: "what?", "Who?", "When?" "Where?", "How?", "Why?"

The mainstream organs of the news presented here are online versions of newspapers or magazines and portals specialty.

The links on this page relate to national and international news, also containing links to other sites / portals news from various countries of the world. Texts, videos, audio and images.

Interviews: let the reader know opinions of those involved in the occurred
Chronicles: Deal with everyday matters on a literary way
Reports: Reports of an expanded event. With field research.
Graphics: Information in form of signs, drawings, figures, signs.
Columns: Space in the publication where a person writes regularly.
Articles: Opinion pieces signed.
Testimonials: Actual and detailed narrations that are done in judgment; depositions, witness statements.
Reviews and criticism: Testimonial artwork, guiding the reader

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