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... Photography :

It's an artistic or technical process of creating images by fixing the light on a sensitive surface to light radiation.

Types of Photography:

Portrait: accurate photographed registration, personality or essence(s) subject(s).

Architectural: project register or architectural masterpieces.

Cooking: images that transmit the sensations of taste.

Erotic: only artistic nature photo, not pornographic. The photographer must be serious, non-invasive and respectful.

Action: Motion pictures history. It's necessary agility and ability to anticipate the movement when shooting.

Children: the smaller pictures Log. It takes more care and patience in these works.

Fashion: Photo register essentially advertising nature with models and professional photographers.

Advertising: Photo register which aims to sell an idea, service or product.

Macrophotography: Photo registration focused on the details of the captured object or person. They are taken very close.

Photojournalism: Registration of an important event or moment with absolute integrity of the original scene and without any editing.

Document: Registration of stories through images, without any kind of manipulation.


Most popular image formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, RAW, BMP ...

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