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Give us your opinion on one or more sites of our portal. Your opinion counts!

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What is SitóMeter?

It is an evaluation / website rating (0% to 100%), based on five items: 1. Users classification. Your opinion counts! 2. Quality content. "Content is King"! 3. Web relevance. Google page rank, domain and pages Authority, Alexa Rank and external backlinks. 4. Attractive design / User-Friendly. 5. No excessive advertising.

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excelente website

Excellent Website

(86% to 100%)

good website

Good Website

(66% to 85%)

median website

Median Website

(50% a 65%)

poor website

Poor Website

(0% a 49%)

editorial choice Editorial choice from Carpeus Team!

To receive an excellent rating, a website must have a 'sitómeter' value of 86% or better, with 5 or more reviews from critical users SitóMeter (including our editorial team). In some cases the Excellent website rating may be conducted by the Carpeus editorial team.

Each new website introduced on our portal or presented on social networks is classified initially by Carpeus. It´s classification can be changed in the future by critical users, as we get your feedback.

In each category of our portal (eg Autos & Cars) are one or more sub-categories (eg: Brands). In each sub-category are presented as a general rule, the most 3 rated and our editorial choice. Some categories or sub-categories, by their nature, do not have the 3 best options, as well as our editorial choice.

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How can I criticize / rank a website?

1. Sending us an email with the website and rating for mail@melhores-sites.pt (eg Good website - 80%), or whatever you want to criticize (will be converted by us in percent). Send e-mail

2. Sending us feedback / message through social networks.

3. Comment a post on Facebook when a new site is added to the social page. (eg 70% / Poor / Average / Good / Excellent / or whatever you want)

Want an evaluation, an opinion on some website?

(... For example, whether an online shopping site is safe ... Contact Us!)

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