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Best Sites of: Social Networks
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NETWORKS social-networks Instant Messengers instant-messengers   publicidade sites
Facebook (General) Wayn (General) Skype  
Google + (General) Tagged (General) WeChat
Twitter (General - Microblogging) Bebo (General) Plus Google Hangouts
Myspace (General) Twoo (General) Viber
Qzone (General) Bebo (General) Trillian
YouTube (Video) VK (General) Blackberry
WhatsApp (Messages) Hi5 (General for teens) Kakao Talk
Sina weibo (Microblogging) Renren (General for teens) Line
LinkedIn (Professionals) Habbo (General for teens) mIRC
Pinterest (Photos) Badoo (Relationships) ICQ
Instagram (Photos) Meetic (Relationships)  
StumbleUpon (Discover Sites) Tumblr (Blogging)  
Delicious (Discover Sites) Digg (Blogging & feed)  
  Ask.fm (Questions & Answers)  
  Flickr (Photos)  
  Vimeo (Video)  
  Vine (Video)  

... Social networks:

Social structures are composed of individuals or organizations connected by one or more types of relationships, interests, knowledge and values ​​that share common goals. Usually they are opened, allowing horizontal and not hierarchical relationships among the participants. There are different types of social networks, professional nature, relationships, community, political, among others.

Benefits of Social Networking:

Instant communication offer;

Ability to share knowledge, news and events taking place across all over the world, at no cost and with dynamism;

Participate in groups with the same interests, discuss ideas, selling or purchase products;

Make new friends, the power to unite people, contact with other cultures;


Marketing on social networks can be a creative and a fun way of doing business;

Look for a job.

Disadvantages of Social Networks:

Possibility of your personal data being used for undesirable effects, since not even the world's largest social network ensures the complete safety of its users;

Excessive use of social networks can impair mental health causing communication difficulties and people unable to relate or to express your feelings in real life;

If you comet an error, an unwanted post for example, thousands of people will know;

User information such as contacts can be used to spam, pictures can be copied;

Children can be victims of harassment by pedophiles;

Some people share their lives on social networks, opening opportunities for bad guys;

Negative influence on worker productivity.

Instant Messengers:

Are applications that allow the exchange of real-time text messages.

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