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... What women want?

What women want is closely linked to what men want.

Both seek professional strength, have better attributes in this or that field, a home, possessions surely ... but the truth is that almost anything, including success at work, raises a woman as much as to be loved by the man she admires. Men desire to be admired by the woman they love, different but close.

For half a century, was told that what women most wanted was professional success and equality. This concept is being overtaken by the modern woman, who admits increasingly, she wants a partner to love. That's why when married women get together, they do not talk about their work as much as men. Among other things, woman talk about their partners, if they are proud of them or not, speak of children or common projects for example ... even most feminists are happiest when married to a man they admire. Women do not want a super expensive ring, just a little flower lovingly purchased already solves the problem. Woman do not want to sleep in a palace, just want to lay her head on the shoulder of who they love. Woman do not want the physical presence all the time, but want to know they can count on if they need. They do not want the password of the partner's email, but want someone they can trust for real. Women want someone with whom they can spend the birthday, christmas, easter, ... life. Be part of the plans ... although these plans are just celebrating some trivial thing.

What women want is so simple that it seems very obvious. But it is not. There are still men who ignore the basics. Some, not all. Men are not all the same.

And what women admire in a man?

A brave man is one who has three qualities: strength, integrity and ambition. All three are needed. Force without integrity is chauvinism. Integrity without force or without ambition is to have at home a feckless man. And ambition without integrity makes man a successful villain ... or not. Women are attracted to strong men. Although many men, when we ask them the secret of their long marriage, they reply, "I learned to always say: Yes, dear," the truth is that most women are not attracted to "Yes, dear" men. They are attracted to a man who shows strength in the outside world and at home, as husband and father. But this power must come with integrity. If not, he's a strong man, but bad. And when some women fall in love with bad men (precisely because of the strength of male power to attract women), most of them do not want a man like that in the long run. And ambition does not necessarily mean that he's rich, but he is a worker, who wants to evolve and improve. That's why, for most women, a husband who sits and watches TV all night, every day, has no value. All this applies to men, women and society.

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